​​Twin Birch Spreadables

Art can present itself in various forms whether it be visual arts or culinary arts. I enjoy cooking and I've been creating jams, jellies, spreads and preserves as gifts for friends and family for years to great acclaim. People outside of my immediate circle have caught wind of my creations and have asked to buy from me but I wasn't set up to sell to the general public.

That has now changed and I will be offering my homemade, small batch, artisanal spreadables through the Lorain County Community College Farmer's Market during the summer every Thursday. Many flavors will be seasonal and once they sell out that's it until next year, and other flavors will be available more often.

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Breaking News!!! More opportunities have come up and I'll be selling my Spreadables at the St. Bernadette Holiday Mart in Westlake in November and the Holiday Market at the United Latvian Church in Lakewood In December. See the SHOWS page for more details. Make sure you like my Facebook pages so you can get updates in your newsfeed!  

2020 opportunities to purchase my Spreadables will be posted as soon as information becomes available.