I create luminarias starting with a glass container which then gets covered in a colorful mulberry paper. Sometimes I add additional colors to the paper and other times I leave it as it comes, but I strive for colors of sunrises and sunsets, my inspiration. Then I sculpt three dimensional, black polymer clay silhouettes of flowers, trees, castles, lighthouses and other subjects of the natural world, and place them over the paper. The final details are handpainted with a dimensional acrylic paint.

During the creation process each luminaria is heated up to three times to insure durability and an item that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Using this same technique I also make framed wall panels. These pieces are also inspired by sunrises and sunsets with everything in the foreground in black silhouette and are very three dimensional.

As a self taught artist I have always dabbled in art because it's fun! There are so many different mediums that can be used that I felt I had to try it all, and after many years of trial and error, I settled on mixed media creations with polymer clay playing a major role.